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“What was the most traumatic day of your life? ” The journalist asks Virat Kohli. “The day my father died,” He replies. No one does not know Kohli or the best player in India.

He is a god to India in a way. If he has the bat in his hand, which means the match is in India’s hands. The other was Virat Kohli’s wife, Indian superstar Anushka Sharma. And he is a super millionaire. That’s how we usually see Virat Kohli. But no one knows the story of the tears behind Kohli.

These are just a few of the tears. If he is anywhere today, it is because he is Kohli’s father. Because it was Kohli’s father who introduced him to cricket. Without Kohli’s father, there would be no one today called Kohli. He also had a wonderful love for his father. He is a poor boy. There was also rent. Dad lived off the money he earned. But all of a sudden, His dad’s business goes bankrupt. His father dies suddenly of a stroke. Even now, He could not have imagined the sudden demise of his beloved father. But you know, it’s not Kohli who sheds a single tear.

The whole family is mourning the death of their father. But everyone is amazing at Virat Kohli’s behavior. Virat Kohli, who had no conversation with anyone, was ready to go to the match. No emotion came out of his face. The coach who knows the incident is surprised to see Kohli who came to the match. Virat Kohli says he wants to play. “Are you sure about this?” The coach asks again. “Yes, I’m sure,” replied Kohli.

Somehow, before playing the match, He tells his friend about the incident. The friend laughs that he is lying. But when the match is over, all the friends know that what he said is true. All their friends come and apologize to Kohli. That’s when he starts to cry. He starts to cry out loud like a little kid. Do you know what he said to his brother after the match that evening? “Brother, I am playing for the country somehow. Nothing can stop me because my dad’s dream was to see me get ahead of cricket. I will somehow fulfill my father’s dream. ” So then it’s up to you to decide if he is successful or not.



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