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Quest Patcher Download

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Quest patcher is a great game modification developed by Lauriethefish. Mainly, this software piece is used to mod the game, Gorilla tag. When it comes to system requirements for Quest patcher, you need to have Windows 10 on your computer to run the Quest patcher, and also it supports Mac as well. The developer, Lauriethefish is not charging you a dime for this great software, so it is 100% free to use.

If we consider the disk space that it requires, the QP will only consume 24 Mb from your disk space. The current latest version is 2.3.0 which was released on Mar 2, 2022. QP is quite easy to set up compared to other popular game modifications, therefore we believe you may not have any errors when installing this great software. But if you do face any technical errors on the way, kindly let us know bypassing the issue to our attention.


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