The science of ghost

The science of ghost (Latest facts 2021)

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Science of ghost, Many scientists do not believe in ghosts.  But recently, some scientists have begun to comment on this. Some scientists believe that the ancients called these demons and gods could be beings in the dimensions above us. 

In short, there is a constant debate in the scientific world not only about what a ghost is, where it comes from, and what its purpose is, but also whether there is a division of living beings without ghosts or physical bodies. Many Cultures believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. Millions of people are interested in ghosts. Those who believe in ghosts do so because of some personal experience.  

Science of ghost

The current Queen of England, her sister, Princess Margaret, as well as the late Queen Mother, are said to have witnessed the royal ghosts. Princess Margaret first saw the ghost of Queen Elizabeth I at Windsor Castle. The last crown prince of the Tudor dynasty in England was Queen Elizabeth I. She died in 1603. One day a palace guard reportedly walks behind the ghost of the queen to the door of the library room.

So even occultists have to deal with this problem. According to some spiritists, those who have a strong love for something can become demons after death. For example, you may have heard that some old houses have ghosts.

Most people still do not know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the world’s number one detective speaker, was a doctor by profession, and the doctor who had the most contact with ghosts and ghosts among the doctors who lived in England in the 1800s.

By 1880 a new subject, spiritism, had become a whirlwind throughout England. Rich women and men gathered in the aristocratic Victorian living rooms and enjoyed watching the conversations and adventures of the demons. Some demons created giant ice cubes at the behest of themselves and their communicators. 

None of Conan Doyle’s stories are directly related to occultism. But reading those stories always feels mysterious. There is a mystical inspiration in his great Sherlock Holmes story, The Hound of Baskervilles.

His  wife also decided that this was a risky venture. Meanwhile, one day Conan Doyle, who was communicating with the demons, met his son, Malcolm Lecky, who had died in World War I, as well as his wife’s brother. 

Towards the end of his life, Conan Doyle went to meet Morel, a high-minded criminal in an American prison. This prisoner was able to remove the psyche from the body and maintain it for a short time (a sufficient time to restore the heartbeat).

There are many world-famous places where Science of ghost and invisible spirits roam.  This article takes a look at some of those haunting places.

Palace of Good Hope – South Africa

Palace of Good Hope

Inside the Temple of Good Hope in South Africa, various demonic spirits have been haunting the city since the early 20th century. If you haven’t seen the ghost, go to this place.  

London Tower

london tower

The fort is said to have been built around the year 1078 and is home to several mysterious events. The most famous ghosts in the palace are the ghosts of the headless Lady Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Gray. Also on the list are ghosts of two princes who assassinated their uncle, King Richard III, in 1483 at the Tower of London.

Banff Spring Hotel – Canada

Banff Spring Hotel-science of ghost

This historic hotel is famous for its various ghosts. If you haven’t seen the ghost, go to this place.  

Mont Cristo Garden – Australia

Mont Cristo Garden

This place in Australia is famous for its spirits. These spirits that have been haunting these places for years are so powerful that people even go hunting in unimaginable ways. Given the number of tragic and horrific deaths that have taken place in this area, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the most mysterious places in the world, not just in Australia. Unexpectedly, many people have died in accidents here. 

Dolls island  –  Mexico

Dolls island  –  Mexico

A ghost girl gave an order to a man. He then hangs innumerable dolls all over the island to please her. But then he realized that all she wanted was for him to die and be a ghost with her. The Mexicans say that these two spirits now roam the island. 

Sally Home – Kansas, USA

Staying in this house means the soul of a little girl. If you haven’t seen the ghost, go to this place.

Sally Home - Kansas, USA

Prohibited city – Beijing, China

science of ghost Prohibited city

The number of people killed over the years in the Forbidden City of Beijing, which has sheltered Chinese royals for centuries, is incalculable. It is a well-known fact in Beijing that many of these killings are the result of personal revenge. So among those killed were not only the courtiers, the staff, but also the queens. So they say that tourists still see them roaming this land today.

Aokigahara- japan

For centuries, the Japanese called Aokigahara a place dedicated to inhuman spirits. If you haven’t seen the ghost, go to this place.  

Here I want to mention an incident that happened to a friend of mine.  One night he saw a woman in a white dress. But the woman soon disappeared. Another day while he was in the room, someone had hit him with some nuts, but the assailant did not appear. Another day he went to the toilet and saw the woman in it, but she soon disappeared. But after a while, the woman stopped appearing. He now lives well in that house.

There are plenty of movies related to this as well. Annabelle is one such film. Ghosts are all around us. But we do not see ghosts. Ghosts see us. Among them may be your dead loved ones. They must be looking at us. 

Sometimes ghosts have been photographed. That is why no one can argue that there are no ghosts. If so, he is a staunch materialist.

But we do not have to believe in myths. Maybe scientists will find ghosts. But that may not be the case.

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