YouTube Rewind CANCELLED 2020

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About 10 years ago, YouTube released a special video at the end of the year. This video featured the most popular video clips and trending videos of the year. YouTube calls this special video “YouTube Rewind”. Launched in 2010, the YouTube Rewind Special Video Series will run until 2019. Many people are looking forward to this YouTube Rewind 2020 Video this year as well.

YouTube Rewind Cancelled

On its official Twitter account, YouTube has stated that it does not expect a YouTubeRewind video later this year. They wrote on Twitter that “2020 has been different” and “it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t.” Thus, we can not expect a rewind video at the end of this year.

The first Rewind Video of this YouTubeRewind Video was released in 2010. Also, at the end of each year, they have released a Rewind Video. Rewind Video released in 2016 received 239 million views. But in 2018, their Rewind video received 18 million dislikes. However, the release of a YouTubeRewind Video this year does not mean the end of YouTube Rewind Video. The whole world has been suffering from the CovID-19 virus throughout this year, and this year’s Rewind Video has been temporarily abandoned as it may be a sad video. However, we can expect YouTube Rewind Video again in the coming years.

Sources : Gizmochina

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