Bermuda Triangle& leftists

Bermuda Triangle and leftists – Latest facts 2022

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Bermuda Triangle and leftists, or Devil’s Triangle, has long been one of the most mysterious regions of the North Atlantic, with no proper definition of boundary markers. According to one view, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda in the United States are the borders of the Triangle. The planes and ships passing through this place mysteriously disappear.

    The issue came to the world’s attention in 1950 when journalist Edward Jones wrote an article to the Associated Press based on various instances of such disappearances. He reported that five U.S. Navy torpedo bombs went missing on December 5, 1945. And that the commercial aircraft “Star Tiger” and “Star Ariel” went missing in 1948 and 1949, involving about 135 people. That is not. In his own words: “They have all swallowed this region without a trace.”

Bermuda Triangle and leftists

   In 1955, M.A. K. In Joseph’s book, The Case for the UFO, he pointed the finger at aliens for what was happening in the region. Recent NASA satellite imagery has revealed that unusual hexagonal clouds are measuring 32 to 88 km near the Bahamas, about 240 miles [240 km] off the coast of Florida. But it is not uncommon for similar clouds to form over the UK’s North Sea. The wind speed in that area is about 60 miles per hour [160 km/hr], and it is strong enough to make waves up to 14 feet [14 m] high. Most importantly, Randy Sarwani of the University of Arizona says that this type of hexagonal cloud above the ocean has the potential to create air bombs.

    What is happening here is something like recognizing the fact that God prays for rain to fall like a river. Then rain falls from clouds formed by the accumulation of water vapor.

   There is an opinion. That there would be no harm to leftists in the Bermuda Triangle. But scientists say there is no scientific basis for that story.

    It is no secret that we distinguish between right and left according to the way we use our hands. We also know that there are more right-wingers than left-wingers on average. Experiments with chimpanzees have shown that they also have a ‘special hand.” If so, scientists understand that the emergence of humans who put more weight on the ‘right’ will begin at a later stage.


   Long-term research has now shown that this left-right divide is compatible with humans, such as Neanderthals. When Neanderthals ate meat, they grabbed a piece of meat with one hand and used a weapon to tear it apart. There is a long-running debate among scientists about the brain activity of leftists. However, according to Kyrus McManus, a psychologist at University College London, in the book Right Hand, Left Hand, the brains of leftists are more organized and smarter than others.  

    But Dorothy Bishop, a professor of developmental neuropsychology at Oxford University, is a fierce critic of this view. She says that she is also a leftist. She believes that such leftists are more likely to develop speech blindness and autism. Not only this, there are many other controversial scientific theories about leftists.  

     There is a lot of talk about left-handed batsmen and left-arm bowlers in cricket.  According to some cricket commentators, a ‘cover drive’ looks best when left-handed batsmen are attacking.

    According to Christian literature, the Archangel Michael was on the right side of God, and Satan’s Chief Satan / Prince of Demons – Samael was on the left.



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