Mind blowing future technology predictions

Future Technology Predictions Mind-blowing

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Future Technology Predictions, We are in the year 2020. New technology is incredibly advanced. In 2050, the world will be different for us. Many new technologies will appear and change the future of the human race. Technology has the power to do many things. 

What does the future hold? Everyone wants to know about it. Today this article is going to take scientific Future Technology Predictions.  


    Nanobots will plug our brains. It will give us virtual reality from within the nervous system. We will be able to send nanobots into brains to extract memories of loved ones. It will be possible to create a virtual version of somebody who’s passed on. Nanorobotic technology is to monitor our health.

Space tourism  

  what if you and me could all one day see the earth from space? Space tourism could be feasible in the future, but likely only for the wealthy. Blue Origin and SpaceX will push the envelope with space travel enough that tourism will be in the future.  

Underground tunnels systems 

    Underground tunnel systems will connect the city. The vehicles will ride on the road at 200km per hour.  

Global warming

  Global warming is causing problems for humans. Therefore natural disasters occur.

A world war

  If a world war starts, a lot of people will die. Researchers have expressed fears that powerful countries have nuclear weapons. If those weapons explode, the world will be devastated.

Artificial intelligence 

  Generally, artificial intelligence programs today are only useful for one task. Artificial intelligence programs can do just that. Artificial intelligence programs consider all the decisions they can make and make the best decision out of it. But in the future, computer programs will be able to learn on their own as well as specialize in several tasks. 


  Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data. Li-Fi uses light to transmit data. Li-Fi is better than Wi-Fi.  

Hyper-loop trains  

  Hyper-loop is a high-speed underground transport system. We can go through this faster than airplanes. The hyperloop is a new mode of transportation that moves people safely and quickly. 

Cheep internet access

In the future, cheap internet will be available to everyone in the world. Elon Musk has already started the star link project. For that, he has decided to launch a large number of small artificial satellites. Several have already been flown. 

Mind control devices

  In the future, we will be able to control some devices mentally. For that, a chip that can connect to the brain has already creat.



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