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How to Download & Install Java JDK in Windows (Updated 2021)

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The Java Development Kit (JDK) or “Java SE”, allows you to code and run Java programs. The JDK is freely available from Oracle website.

Step 1) First you need to go to this  link and click on Download JDK. For java latest version.

Java download

Step 2) Next, Download latest Java JDK for your version(32 or 64 bit) of java for Windows.

Select java version

Step 3) Once the download is complete, run the exe for install JDK. Click Next.

welcome it the installation

Step 4) Select the path for Java installation and click next.


Step 5) Once installation is complete click Close button.

How to set Environment Variables in Java: Path and Classpath

The path variable gives the location of executables like javac, java etc. It is possible to run a program without defining the path but you will need to give full path of executable like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-13.0.1\bin\javac instead of simple

The CLASSPATH variable gives location of the Library Files.

Step 1) Right Click on the This PC and Select the properties.

Step 2) Click on advanced system settings.

Advanced system settings

Step 3) Then click on Environment Variables.

environment variables

Step 4) After that click on new Button of User variables.

new variable for java

Step 5) Type PATH in the Variable name.

type path on the new variable

Step 6) Copy the path of bin folder which is installed in JDK folder.

copy path of java bin

Step 7) Paste Path of bin folder in Variable value and click on OK Button.

java installation path

Step 9) Click on OK button.

finish java installation

Step 10) Go to command prompt and type javac commands.

If you see a screen like below, Java is installed.

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