UI Cheats Extension for Sims 4

< 1 minutes

UI Cheats extension is the best mod that you can find for Sims 4 regarding cheat codes and their execution. UI do the hard work part where it displays an icon or graphical presentation with preceded cheats, once you click on those specific icon a certain cheat operation will be executed. Therefore, you do not have to type things while you play the game, you can simply click on the related icon and get your work done. It is obvious that there are many mods and mod menus related to Sims 4 but this type of application is indeed unique and carries some powerful features, and cheats into the game. You can simply get the application from the below button and install it on your PC. The installation process is a very simple clear one, surely you won’t get stuck during the process. But if you did somehow, kindly let us know, our team will help you with each and every step.



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