10 Best places to buy a laptop in Sri Lanka

10 Best places to buy a laptop in Sri Lanka 2023

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Today laptops have become very essential in day-to-day life all around the world.Mst specially with the Covid pandemic and lockdown system. Generally, all the work and education had shifted to a totally new online platform especially in Sri Lanka and developing countries as those counties were not used to the online system previously. Buying a laptop can be a complicated task if you don’t know where to look for it. And that’s why we thought of presenting you the 10 best places where you can buy a laptop without having any second thoughts in Sri Lanka.

Students in schools, as well as universities, need laptops to do their studies. And also most of the government and private sector employees have to adapt to the new working culture with laptops. A lot of different applications were also introduced to conduct online classes, lectures, and meetings too. Anyhow the important factor with this is people need laptops that are of good quality with good performances.

Best places to buy a laptop in Sri Lanka

Anyhow when you are buying a new laptop there are a lot of things you need to consider and pay attention to apart from the brand and price. For example, factors like size of the laptop, speed, screen quality, CPU, and RAM amounts are a few factors you need to look for according to the work you are doing from the laptop. Still, even though those above-mentioned factors have huge importance, what is the fact holds more importance is warranty and limits given by the company and seller. Hence if the seller is offering repairs just in case for the future. In the meantime paying options and facilities given by the seller for the payments attracts customer’s consideration. Therefore we are going to look for shops which are most suitable considering all above -mentioned factors. What are the best places to buy laptops in Sri Lanka?


As well as from all the showrooms across the island and through their official website you can select, purchase, or reserve products and services related to laptops. Therefore providing both retail and online services Abans leads the list of best places to buy laptops in Sri Lanka. The quality of the products with genuine service, the guaranteed warranty, original company products, which are not replicas are the main factors why you should select buyabans.Com. Reliability, value-for-money, and honesty are the values Abans gives to its customers. So with all the above Abans is one of the best places to get the job done.

Dell Sri Lanka

Dell Sri Lanka is also just like the previous in this list. Descending from the mother company they have non-replica, genuine products. Since 1984 Dell has been involved in providing technology solutions for people. Regularly updating offers and promotions can be purchased from their website and even physically by visiting shops too.

Singer Sri Lanka

Singer Sri Lanka is a company that holds a huge legacy and especially long-term trust for various electronic products in Sri Lanka, not just mobile phones and laptops but products like Furniture, Refrigerators, Televisions, kitchen Appliances, Sewing Machines, and more. This is a company or an organization brand Trusted by Generations, therefore that trust and faith will be protected for the future too with the best quality and service warranty.

Metropolitan Sri Lanka

Metropolitan has recently become one of the leading business chains in the country. With diversified products selling on both platforms retail and online. A number of showrooms all around the island. Either you can go to the showroom or else visit their website and order online, choosing according to your wish from all types and kinds of brands of laptops they have. The developing reputation of Metropolitan ensures to give you the best quality and service.

Atech Technology Solution

Atech Technology Solution (Pvt) Ltd . is Colombo based local business chain which has a few shops in different locations in the Colombo district. Thus it was in business for more than 10 years. All computer accessories can be found in this store with good service.

The is also a local shop in Colombo 4. It sells a wide range of Laptops, Ultrabooks, Bags, Laptop accessories, and much more. The most important fact with laptop care is they offer an in-store technical service too. Even if you do not wish to buy the laptop from them you can go and get their technical service for the laptop you are using currently.

HP Sri Lanka

Here also as descending from the mother company, you will find superb service in the best quality. The only thing is they are dedicated to their brand HP. Most importantly HP is mainly committed to developing products, services & information that are accessible to everyone. That especially includes people with disabilities or age-related limitations.

Barclays Computers (Pvt) Ltd

This is a local computer store located in Colombo 4. Local younger generations have a huge preference for this as considering the prices of laptops in the company shops. Thus not just laptops you will be able to find ADSL, DSL routers, AMD, CPU, and all other computer-related accessories.

This is known as the Largest Laptop Store on the island. This was incorporated & established in 1996. Since then it gradually developed its reputation for proving the best products to its customers. Likewise, they became a leading retail store in Sri Lanka and now you can buy online too.

Daraz can be named as Sri Lanka’s number one Online Shopping platform. Therefore with its fast-growing online platform and global reputation you will be able to find quality products here too. Especially during this lockdown covid period if you are a person who prefers online shopping this is the best match. But you will only get to see the product once only after you buy it. Even though they provide services like returning, refunding for damages, or any other things if you are much of a person who wants to go and see the product yourself before buying, Daraz is not the best place.

We can also see some other well-known local businesses which have provided amazing admirable services to the customers. We can mention several other shops too. Infotech Lanka, LapZone Pvt Ltd, Nanotechnology, Laplogic, and Lanka Laptop House Pvt Ltd can be put into the list.

So finally what we can say is there are plenty of good places that provide great service with the best quality and sometimes services may differ from one shop to another. So it is up to you to decide what services you need for software hardware warranty, the price, your ease, the distance to travel when you are buying a laptop behind the major features of laptop you are considering. Therefore we hope these details will be useful for you when you are selecting a place to buy a laptop for yourself.

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