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Vega Industries, an automobile manufacturer originated in the pearl of the Indian ocean, Sri
Lanka is planning on doing another revolution in the automobile market in Sri Lanka.
Another revolution? Yes, recently they presented their sport model production which is in the
developing phase now, the Vega EVX. It is an all-electric battery-powered two-seater AWD
sports car and it was a big topic for Sri Lankans as it was their very first production and this time something more interesting. Why do we say more interesting, because this time it is an all-electric TUK TUK, informal words we can say a three-wheeler, an electric three-wheeler (ETX)

As their vision says ” With Infinite Imaginations, We Can Achieve Greatness Together. it seems like Sri Lankan manufacturing company is going to achieve something really great with this concept of prototype three-wheeler, which suits not just Sri Lanka but for the majority of Indian subcontinent countries and the whole world. There are several reasons to say that.

The future of Vega electric three-wheeler

We all know three-wheelers are popular in the above-mentioned Indian subcontinent
countries. Thus an electric three-wheeler will be really a great concept for the rest of the world
too because we all know the world is trying to find solutions for the air pollution by fuel
combustion and also energy crisis. A vehicle powered by electric energy resolves these

Hence Vega Industries presents this with solutions for most of the problems of the general public in these countries that use three-wheelers as a taxi service and a mode of transport. Thus they surely know the problems very well other than anyone else, when it comes to roads as they are located in the busy streets closer to the capital of this small island country.

It is called the three-wheeler of the next generation. Going a step forward from the current three-wheelers in the market with the feature of electric power. it is going more a step forward with the extra space it has, to transport goods, apart from the general space for passengers. This space for goods is really important and you know how important it is if you are a person who uses or had used these three-wheelers for the purpose of transport.

Vega had expressed their idea about this vehicle. Furthermore, there is another plus point in this ETX concept. It is designed to get power from a solar system that is designed to be placed on the roof of the vehicle. It is going to be really interesting and useful as nowadays all countries are trying to use solar energy applicable in a useful way for day-to-day life.

VEGA can be the Sri Lankan Tesla

Vega Industries is planning to release this electric three-wheeler vehicle in 2022. And also
expects a $32.65 million global market for electric three-wheelers by the year 2027. Looking
from the economic angle, it will be marvelous for Sri Lanka. Surely this ETX prototype three-wheeler can do a real revolution in the automobile field of the world. Also, they have said that their Vega EVX sports car will also be released in the year 2022 which they presented in March 2020. We only have another few more months to see what sort of revolution Vega is going to do with EVX and ETX. Meanwhile, check Elon musk’s future predictions that will change the automobile industry.



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