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Alan Turing (Alan Turing), the father of modern artificial intelligence

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Let us tell you the full story behind the father of artificial intelligence. The story begins with World War II. This was the time when Hitler’s side was winning the war between several countries led by Hitler’s Nazi Germany and allied countries led by England. Nazi Tiger tanks and submarines called U-Boats were defeating the war allies.

During this time everyone exchanged messages on FM / AM waves. These messages are encoded so that anyone with a radio can hear them. But the methods used for these can be broken down in a short time. So the Nazis often read messages from allied countries.

However, the Allies were unable to break the Nazi message in any way. No matter what decoding method was used, these messages could not be decrypted. The British intelligence service found out that these people were using a machine to intercept these messages.

This machine is called Enigma.
So what Britain did was lift this machine from Poland. They thought that if they had this machine they would be able to decode those messages. But they soon realized that it was not going to work. It is not enough to have only one machine, you also need to know the “settings” of the machine.

Alan Turing (Alan Turing), the father of modern artificial intelligence
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A photo of the Enigma Machine
Enigma was invented by the German engineer Arthur Schweiz. These machines worked on the mathematical concepts of hybrids and combinations. The front of the machine had several rotors, a keyboard, 26 light bulbs, and a plugboard. When the rotor is rotated, the configuration of the circuits inside the machine changes. It changes the decoding method. But this rotor has 26 dials. Up to 8 rotors are possible. That means it has 158,962,555,217,826,360,000 settings. (Approximately 159 quintillion)!

To decode messages on one machine, the rotor and plugboard of the other machine must be made in the same way as the machine that sent the message. The thing is, Germans change their machine settings every day from 6 am to 12 pm!

How is it that Samsara cannot decode messages?
The British MI7 unit is trying to break this with a team. This includes a strange young man. When others tried to break the enigma by solving mathematical concepts in their heads, he thought that only a machine could defeat a machine. This young man is “Alan Turin.”

Photo by Alan Turing
Passing the money with great difficulty, the team builds a machine called the “Christopher”. This is a huge machine. Huge electricity was needed. But this eventually breaks the enigma. Based on this machine, the Americans make the “Bombay” machine. It was able to break the enigma of the rotor mass.

As a result, all German messages were leaked to the Allies. It not only shortened the war by three years but also changed the course of the war. The former Germans won and lost. But he was not alone in making new models of Enigma. But they were also broken because of Turin’s machines. Eventually, the war ends with the defeat of Germany.
Thus ended the war and saved 14 million lives.

What happened to Turin then?
Homosexuality is banned in England these days. Alan Turin is gay. When the government finds out about this, they prescribe hormone therapy. Born on June 23, 1912, Alan committed suicide by eating an apple with cyanide on June 7, 1954, just days before his 42nd birthday.

Alan Turin is also considered the father of artificial intelligence. He also had the first chess algorithm. He reveals himself in the 90s when Britain kept his enigma a secret. In 2013, Queen Elizabeth granted him a royal pardon. Britain then introduced the Alan Turin Act to pardon all homosexuals.

Alan Turin’s machine is known as the Turin Machine. These machines have been developed by generations of scientists. Today we call those Turin machines computers. Therefore it’s no doubt why he is the father of artificial intelligence.

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