Gacha Club Apk

Gacha Club apk download 2022

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Gacha club is one of the most downloaded games in 2020. However, Gacha club was previously known as Gacha life 2. The game was developed by Lunime. It is one of the best games Lunime has made. This game is available on IOS and windows as well. There are many stunning features in Gacha club apk compared to Gacha Life. Some parents think that Gacha club apk is not suitable for their kids but the game promotes creativity and thinking ability in kids and also the game has given an age-rating of 10+ on Google Play.

They have stated that the game can lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens and you can restart the whole game if it keeps lagging. Unlike many other games available on google play, this game has no In-App Purchases which means it’s totally free. However, it contains ads. You can easily play mini-games without having to connect to the internet.The genre of the game can be stated as Role-playing. There are about 200+ pets and characters in the game which will make the game surely more exciting.



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