Sri Lanka’s First Electrical Bicycle- RHODA

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Rhoda Electrical Bicycle (Rhoda AT), Sri Lanka’s first electric smart bike, was launched in Colombo on Thursday (24) under the patronage of Rhoda AT Founder and Chief Executive Officer Eyas Fazul.

According to Mr. Eyas, the company’s electric smart bike is designed to promote cycling in the country and is a solution to Sri Lanka’s rapid urbanization and air pollution. This smart electric bike is based on 3 basic concepts. Namely Convenient, Sustainable, and Economical.

The Rhoda AT electric smart bike is powered by a powerful electric motor that can cover a distance of 60km on a single charge and can reach speeds of 19kmph to 25kmph.

Another special feature is that a smart app can connect this bike to your mobile phone and activate it as the bike’s brain. This allows you to lock and unlock the bike through your phone’s fingerprint. It is also stated that the running cost of this bike is only 20 cents per kilometer, and it takes a maximum of four hours to charge the battery fully.

RHODA Electrical Bicycle

It is also reported that registration is not required to drive this road. This is due to the fact that electric vehicles operating in Sri Lanka only require registration for vehicles above 750 watts. Mr. Fazul says that the motor power is less than 750 watts and no registration is required.

Rhoda Electrical Bicycle Specifications

Below are the specifications of the two types of Rhoda smart electric bicycles.

FrameSteelStainless Steel
FinishMatt Black / Flat WhitePolished Gloss Finish
Tires4″ All Terrain4″ All Terrain
BuildWater ResistantWater Resistant
Ride ModesPure /
Power Assist* /
Pure /
Power Assist* /
Range30km* / 60km**30km* / 60km**
Top Speed25km/h25km/h
DisplaySmartphone HUDSmartphone HUD
Full Charge4 Hours
0.5 LECO / CEB Units
4 Hours
0.5 LECO / CEB Units
License & RegistrationNoneNone
HelmetsNot enforced.
Recommended by Rhoda
Not enforced.
Recommended by Rhoda
Rhodie Height4’10” – 6’2″4’10” – 6’2″
Warranty1 year1 year
FeaturesBiometric Authentication 
Cruise Control 
Integrated lock
Integrated Lights
Biometric Authentication 
Cruise Control 
Integrated lock
Integrated Lights
SensorsHall Effect
Hall Effect

According to the participants of the launch, the Rhoda Electrical Bicycle (Rhoda AT) can be described as a bike that can be easily ridden even by a first-time cyclist. The entry-level version is priced at around Rs. 129,000, and the stainless steel flagship version is priced at Rs. 159,000. However, they believe that this Rhoda AT smart electric bike will be a product that will revolutionize the art of transportation in Sri Lanka.

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